One way to take a step and a healthy direction is to switch your coffee to Java Boost Coffee. Our coffee, as well as our other products, are created with ingredients from all around the world that better your overall health. you’re the type of person who wants to become healthier but has little time to go to the gym, then make the switch to Cuba Health Products today! Our coffee, meal shake replacement, and daily detox provides a wide variety of ways that you are able to take the first step with little stress.

Another great benefit of our Java Boost Coffee is the time and effort that goes into making each bag. Each of our ingredients is handcrafted and has a strategic harvesting technique. Harvesters are able to provide exceptional coffee beans by watching the process closely and picking each bean at the correct time. The longer than average Coffee Bean roasting process is to ensure that each individual being is perfect and contains no mold or other bacteria. We provide a long list of each ingredient on our website if you would like more information.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, Java Boost Coffee is probably not the right product for you. but worry no more, we also produce our amazing meal replacement shakes. After their creation of our company we soon realize that there is a limited amount of healthy drink alternatives that actually taste good. The most common thing we heard about no replacement shakes that are currently on the shelves is how soon they taste when mixed with water. With this in mind we made sure that our recipe had an exceptional taste when mixed with water. The simple instructions for each product that we provide is to ensure that nobody has to add unnecessary steps with another day simply to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

All of our products help in improving overall health including assisting energy levels, reducing inflammation, improved digestion, better rest, improved bowel function, healthier skin, increased immune function, healthy weight management and much much more. Our customers also say that after drinking a cup of our coffee they are not sluggish or have an upset tummy after drinking, unlike normal coffee. Since each of our products is able to be mixed with any sort of beverage, the possibilities are endless. Some of our customers will scoop a cup of coffee into their meal replacement shake for an additional boost. or even makes fresh berries with their replacement shake for a little extra taste and texture.

For more information on our company or the mission behind our company, available products, list of ingredients and how they benefit you and much more please visit our website at Feel free to give us a call at 801-980-3391 if you have additional questions or you would like information on our upcoming events. That’s what you can swing by and get a free cup of coffee!

Java Boost Coffee | Healthy Coffee is Tasty Coffee

Do you currently have bad health or want to work on creating a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Well, why not start with a cup of java boost coffee every morning! Here at Cuppa Health our goal is to provide exceptionally tasty healthy drink alternatives so that you are able to get your coffee fixed while consuming an enormous amount of healthy ingredients. Coffee is one of the top three beverages consumed worldwide so why not provide a healthy coffee so that you are able to get all of your nutrients and better yourself at the age of every morning.

Some of the great benefits of Java Boost Coffee are assisting in the overall health of each individual, improved energy levels, better rest, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, improved bathroom, healthy skin, increased immune function, healthy weight management and much more. We make our coffee simple and easy to use so all you have to do is pour hot water over the mix, and stir. if you’re not a coffee drinker we also offer a meal replacement shake and even a daily detox.

If you’re interested in our replacement shakes, some of our customers often will scoop some Java boost coffee into their Shake so that they get a little more boost out of it. We create each of our products to be mixed with water, but are able to be mixed with any beverage of your choice. This is to ensure that the mixing process is simple and fast but can also add the powder to whatever beverage suits your needs. You can also add in fresh fruits or berries, or even use this powder in different food items. If you have tried a healthy meal replacement shake that tastes bad when mixed with water, then give ours or try and you’ll be more than surprised with how exceptionally tasty it is!

One way to help your body become more healthy is to drink a cup of java Juice coffee a day or to use our daily detox powder. This powder is able to be mixed with any beverage at your convenience. By detoxing your body everyday you’re removing unwanted chemicals, toxins, Bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus and much more. You can use this as the daily detox, or every once in a while, depending on your end result. Each one of our products supports the intestines, kenny’s, and liver to effectively cleanse and better the health of your body. This will be a good thing.

If you’d like to read about our products or how our business started, give our website a visit today. Our website provides information on ingredients, benefits, products and prices, and much more. or feel free to give us a call at 801-980-3391 if you have any additional questions or concerns that we could assist you with. We can also provide step by step instructions on how to receive your first sample of coffee for just $1 and deliver it directly to your door!