Do you start each day with a cup of coffee and within a few hours feel sluggish or jittery? well our coffee, Java Boost Coffee provides the same caffeinated feel as normal coffee without these annoying side effects. Each cup of coffee also provides a wide range of different health benefits to each individual so that you are able to drink tasty coffee while hitting your health goals. If you want to improve your health but are not a huge fan of coffee, we also offer meal replacement shakes and even a daily detox powder.

Here a couple Health our goal is to provide healthy alternative drink options, like Java boost coffee, so that people can efficiently switch their current routines for beverages that help their health. each of our ingredients and every one of our products was specifically chosen for the great benefits it provides. Every time I drink one of her cups of coffee, I just know that you are drinking ingredients from at least four different continents around the world. We take pride in everything that goes into our products and even the processing it took to get there. One example is our coffee bean roasting process. This process is longer than other coffee companies so that we can ensure each being is up to Quality!

If our Java Boost Coffee doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, then maybe our meal replacement shake is what you need. This shake was created to be mixed with water for Simplicity but also is able to be mixed with any beverage of your choice. Because of this you’re able to continuously try new recipes With our classic vanilla flavor. Some of her customers say that they mix this powder in with yogurt and add fresh berries so that they can enjoy tasty snacks and feel full for hours. Another option is to scoop some of our coffee mix into the shake mix. That way you can get a little energy boost throughout your day.

Other than providing healthy drink alternatives to the public, our visit stands out due to our consistent donations of profits to organizations and charities in our communities around the world. One of the organizations that we donate to frequently is Operation underground railroad. This organization works with underage girls who were stuck in sex trafficking situations and help them create a life for themselves once leaving the situation. This is just one of the organizations that we work with but helps people all around the world.

Our website provides Insight on how and why a company started. Other available information on our website is a description of each of our products with a list of ingredients, prices, a list of organizations we donate to and much more. If you have additional questions about our company or products give us a call at 801-980-3391. give us a call today so we assist you in receiving a sample of our coffee for just $1 delivered directly to your doorstep.

Java Boost Coffee | Delicious Coffee and Meal Shakes

Coffee, tea and water are the three most consumed beverages worldwide. That’s why CupaHealth decided to create a healthy coffee alternative named Java Boost Coffee. This coffee is able to be mixed with just water or any beverage of your choice, for your convenience. Other than our coffee we also offer a meal shake replacement as well as the daily detox powder. Our goal here is to help those people who want to take the first step and create a healthier lifestyle By providing a simple switch for their beverages.

Our Java Boost Coffee is filled with ingredients from all around the world. Each cup of coffee has ingredients from at least four different continents. Each ingredient in her coffee provides an exceptional health benefit to each individual. When creating our business we focused on how we were able to provide the most health benefits while also providing a delicious taste. Most of the current instant coffee mixes on the shelves taste Bland or gross when mixed with just water. because we created our recipe to be mixed with water, it is extremely tasty and simple to use. Some other customers say that they will occasionally add sugar-free syrups to their coffee to spice it up!

Another great healthy drink alternative other than our Java boost coffee is our meal replacement shake. After producing her coffee, we quickly realized that people were willing to try our products because we promised a satisfactory taste. Oftentimes his healthy drink alternatives are ignored by consumers because of their taste. Our meal replacement shake is able to be mixed with any beverage as well as a different assortment of food. Some of our customers say that they will mix the shake with fresh berries or yogurt as an additional snack. because each one of our ingredients contains great health benefits, overtime your body will see reduced inflammation, improved digestion, better rest, improved bowel function, healthy skin, increased immune function, healthy weight management and much more.

Overall, our company is here to help you take that first step towards a healthier life. by offering a variety of different products that are able to be mixed with any beverage of your choice, In a simple two or three step processing time, our goal is to help as many people as possible reach their health goals. Just know that every time you consume one of our products, some of the profits that we receive are donated to organizations and charities around our communities and around the world for ya.

For more information about the organizations we donate to, our products, list of ingredients, and much more visitor website at or give us a call at 801-980-3391 for any additional questions or concerns that we may assist you with. to give us a call today we can walk you through how to obtain your first cup of coffee for just $1 that is conveniently shipped directly to your doorstep!