Here at Cuppa Health our main goal is to create healthy drink alternatives to people’s everyday life And that is why we created Java boost coffee. Even though our coffees are the most popular drink, we also offer a few different drink options. i feel the type of person who doesn’t want to steer away from their normal everyday routine, but also wants to get healthier overall, then cut the health that has options available for you. Each one of our products contains healthy ingredients which are found all over the world.

Over the years we have figured out that the best way to get our products into everyone’s hands, is to offer a free cup of java boost coffee for just $1. There are multiple health benefits of our coffee in order to support the body. Some of the health benefits that coffee helps with is maintaining a healthy blood sugar and chemistry which helps reduce coffee cravings for hours. Since our coffee is not filled with a bunch of sugar and junk, you will feel great without that normal upset stomach from everyday coffee.

If you want to work on your health but Java boost coffee doesn’t seem like the right fit, our fuel meal replacement shake might just be what you’re looking for. one commonality between Miller placement shakes that are currently on the market, or complaints of tasting gross with water. so when we were making our products we aim to have them taste extremely good with just mixing water. By offering this simple and easy drink option, we hope that you are wanting to try and alter your everyday routine simply by switching out the products you consume.

Each one of our products is curated from healthy ingredients from all around the world. every time you drink a cup of our coffee just so that you are drinking ingredients from at least four different continents. Over the years we have worked tremendously and strategically to provide the best quality ingredients with the most amount of Health benefits. An example of this Is our coffee beans harvested in Mexico and they’re trained employees of the exact time that each coffee bean should be harvested. We also promise quality results and we ensure this by putting a lot of effort into a roasting process so that each being is perfect.

For more information about our company overall, or backstory, information of where each one of our ingredients comes from, how products can benefit you in much much more please visit our website at give us a call at 801-980-3391 if you’d like more information on how to obtain your first cup of coffee for $1 as well as a free smiley mug with your purchase. if you’d like to take our coffee first and we also attend multiple different seminars throughout the year for different types of businesses. At each one of these events we offer a free cup of coffee. We look forward to helping you create a healthier lifestyle!

Java Boost Coffee | Healthy Drink Alternatives

Our goal here at Kapa Health coffee is to provide multiple different healthy alternative drinks for those people who have already established a daily routine, yet want to work on their house. Our most popular product is our Java boost coffee. If you do not like coffee, we also offer meal replacement shakes as well as a daily detox mix. Each one of our products is designed to be as simple as possible so all you have to do is mix with water.

If you’re the type of person who wants to work on their house but is unable to find the time to do so, why not try the job of this coffee to see how this little change can help you? Java Boost Coffee is infused with multiple organic superfoods that help reduce inflammation and even improve digestion. every time you drink a coffee just know that at least four ingredients are from four different continents. We worked hard to perfect our recipe and we’re able to curate the best blend. We ensure this by working with the best ingredients from all around the world.

For our meal replacement shake we went with the classic vanilla as the flavor. Most of our customers enjoy scooping a cup of this shake into their Java boost coffee. All of our customers claim that most no replacement shakes that are currently on the shelves often taste gross when mixed with water and other additional add-ins. Over the years we have heard of multiple customers mixing their protein shake with fresh berriesOr even additional low calorie flavor. This protein powder can also be used to make bread bowls, pancakes, Crepes and much more. You can even add it to yogurt if you like.

Even though our company started with focusing on a healthy coffee alternative, it quickly led to the expansion of how we can provide more healthy alternatives for other drink and food options. We make the first step in entering a healthier lifestyle as simple as can be by creating super tasty, healthy alternatives that only require you to mix with water. So if you’re the person who is unable to figure out how to introduce more healthy food and drink items into your everyday diet, then a couple health products are for you.

Our website provides information about each one of our products, our ingredients and where they come from, how beneficial our products are for you, list some of the organizations that we donate to, client testimonials and much more. you can also give us a call at 801-980-3391 if you have any other questions or concerns about our company or ingredients or if you like to request information on how to obtain your first cup of coffee for only $1. if it’s interest you we are also giving away free smiley face smugs to anyone who request their first bag of coffee. We look forward to helping you hit your goals!