How It Works

Grab your favorite mug and add two scoops of JavaBoost.

Then pour in hot water and stir. Smell the rich coffee aroma – feel the warmth on your hands – put your feet up and enjoy a sip of happiness! That’s it folks – so easy to prepare – just add water! If you prefer iced coffee, just add room temperature water – stir – and pour over ice cubes – delicious!!! It really is that good and that easy!

So how does Cupahealth do it? The success is in the details of the ingredients. Each cup contains ingredients from at least 4 continents or countries. The ingredients are specifically and individually sourced and blended. That’s the magic! Imagine having to do that yourself at home. Thankfully Cupahealth does the hard work for you so all you need is a cup and water in order to enjoy. JavaBoost is easy to make at home, at work, in your hotel, and on-the-road. It is truly a lifestyle product you can enjoy everywhere you go and anytime you choose.

The ingredients in JavaBoost are not only great tasting quality ingredients, but they are legendary for supporting good health. Many of these uniquely sourced ingredients have been studied for centuries and have published clinical studies to back up what people experience when they consume them. Others have been more recently discovered but are still backed by research and numerous clinical studies conducted by highly reputable medical centers and universities around the globe.


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Our Organic Arabica Coffee is sourced only from an exclusive group of organic growers in Mexico. Their growing and harvesting methods separate these coffee beans from the majority of beans grown and harvested worldwide. The use of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers have turned coffee into the most toxic beverage consumed in the world. The organic certifications ensure that JavaBoost is free of these commonly otherwise used chemicals and toxins. Because the coffee fruit is selectively picked when it reaches a deep pink/purple color and the beans are carefully extracted from the ripened fruit before any decomposition of the fruit takes place the beans are free of molds and bacteria. Our slow roasting process takes longer than usual to ensure a thorough and consistently smooth flavor.

Our Organic Pink Fijian Ginger and Organic Fijian Turmeric are sourced from a remote island in Fiji. These legendary unique roots of health have origin in the remote island jungles there. They are grown alongside each other in the rich volcanic soil and watered by the pure Fijian rainfall. They are planted, cultivated, and harvested by hand. The roots are washed, cut, sundried, and ground on the island before the powder is packaged and shipped to our warehouse. No oven heating or baking is done. A quick search on relating to ginger, turmeric or curcumin will reveal tens of thousands of clinical studies performed over the years by highly acclaimed universities and laboratories across the globe. These superfoods have been attributed to supporting many health-related functions including: healthy immune function, reduction of inflammation and pain, boosting anti-oxidant function, mental and emotional support, increased memory function, improved cardiovascular function, and many others.

Muscadine is grown almost exclusively in the Southeastern United States – most commonly in the Carolinas and in Georgia. These grapes/berries are larger than average grapes and contain thick skins and large bitter seeds. There are many traditional muscadine dishes found amongst the lifestyles of native Americans. Other than a few smalltown wineries, the muscadine was viewed as a native fruit bearing vine that grew wild in the forests but had little commercial value compared to other grapes/berries because of their thick bitter skins and seeds. Over the last decade, scientists at numerous universities have discovered the unique health benefits linked to the consumption of the muscadine fruit – and especially the seeds and skins. Muscadine seeds and skins have shown through clinical studies to support healthy blood chemistry, circulation, antioxidant function, immune response, skin rejuvenation, energy levels, and recovery.

Organic Coconut Cream is a dairy free creamer that is skimmed from coconut milk in a similar process to skimming dairy cream. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins and is a clean rich source of healthy fats. Its creamy texture adds a unique and pleasant taste and mouth feel to coffee and other beverages. Coconut cream is a unique hydrator containing many nutrients shown to promote the body’s ability to stay hydrated. Coconut cream contains healthy fats that encourage satiation and appetite reduction. Diets rich in coconut cream have shown to reduce effects of hunger cravings and supports healthy blood sugar levels.


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MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is considered shorter chained and therefore easier to utilize healthy fats extracted from Coconut oil. These smaller fats are easily metabolized by the body and converted quickly into highly efficient energy. This is generally considered a cleaner source of fuel for the body and produces far fewer byproducts and toxins that your body needs to clean up and deal with. MCT oil has been shown to aid in the reduction of yeast and bacterial growth and also aids in protecting the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown promise in using MCT as an energy source with diabetics and helping them maintain healthier blood sugar levels and can support healthy weight loss. Healthy diets supplemented with medium chain triglyceride have also shown benefit in supporting healthy brain function and mood with mental health patients. Since much of the tissue in the brain naturally contains these fats, a daily intake of MCT’s has shown to support many areas of brain health.

Our unique blend of polyphenols derived from Wildcrafted Brown Seaweed support the body’s ability to respond safely and efficiently to carbohydrate and sugar consumption. Americans today are consuming 6.5 times more sugar and carbohydrates than the American Heart Association recommends. Our American health report card shows the results: we spend more on healthcare than all the industrialized nations combined, and we show an inordinately high level of obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and early onset ageing. Specific seaweeds are legendary for slowing down carbohydrate and sugar absorption and therefore supporting our body’s own ability to safely regulate and control elevated blood sugar. This supports both healthy blood chemistry and healthy weight loss.

That’s how it’s done! Bringing in the best whole food natural ingredients from around the world in their purest most potent forms and combining them perfectly with one another to make a wonderful cupahealth experience every time!


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