Our Story

The idea behind CupaHealth began in Australia and New Zealand.

We were hosting health lectures in cities scattered across these countries. Our attendance was good, but not great. One night a lady suggested that we begin and end our meetings with tea and coffee. It made little sense at first, but at her insistence, we tried it. Almost immediately our attendance began to grow until many of our events needed new locations with increased seating. Why? What was different? Instead of inviting to health lectures, we began inviting folks to join us for a “Cupa”! If you’ve spent much time “downunder” you know they have unique words and phrases for commonly said things. Meeting for a cup of coffee or tea was shortened to “Get a Cupa!”

We realized that getting a drink with friends of any kind was always more enjoyable than going to a health lecture. So, our “Get a Cupa” became just that. Have a coffee with a friend and learn something new about health. People are much more likely to attend, become involved and bring others if they know it will be social. Think of the movies and shows you watch and how many scenes involve people meeting and talking over a cup of coffee or tea. Not only did our attendance improve, but the environment helped to break down walls and increase interaction and involvement. People asked more questions and were more open to hearing our answers.

As we watched the evolution of these events, we realized that though we had found something really great for event building – generally speaking, the items we were providing people (coffee, tea, sugar, sweeteners, creamer, etc) were not in line with our health message. All the time we are encouraging people to eat and live healthily we were offering them a cup of unhealthy ingredients. What if we could create a cup of coffee and soon tea that was full of healthy ingredients that fit the healthy lifestyle we were teaching about. This led to a new idea – “CupaHealth!”


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Coffee and Tea are the second and third most consumed beverages in the world – only water is more regular consumed.

This means that a large percentage of the world is not only accustomed to drinking coffee and tea, but they have strongly incorporated these beverages into their lifestyle and routine. Many people begin their day with a “Cupa.” Likewise, much of the world finishes a nice meal with a “Cupa.” Most people are not aware of the high toxic chemical load found in most coffees even before they add the chemical sweeteners and artificial creamers. Doctors are continually asking their patients to cut back on the coffee for many reasons, but not the least is the fact that it negatively affects digestion. What if an organic coffee could be provided with healthy creamers and ingredients and infused with superfoods and antioxidants that was not acidic and encouraged overall health and digestion? What if you could turn the most consumed beverages in the world into something that helps support healthy blood chemistry like: blood sugar, blood pressure, and healthy cholesterol levels without compromising on the taste? That is the bigger task, because taste is so much a big part of the experience. In fact, the experience includes taste, smell, temperature, and texture. That’s how JavaBoost coffee was created.

CupaHealth is committed to providing healthy drinks that don’t require you to compromise taste or any of the experience you love. Many people are hesitant to try a healthy coffee product for fear that they will taste like a health product. This is why we launched our extremely successful sample program: “Your first cup of Gourmet Healthy Coffee is on us!” We regularly attend conferences and events and offer our JavaBoost coffee hot or iced for free to attendees. We have sampled over 10,000 cups of this product without complaint. Even the self-acclaimed “Coffee Connoisseurs” try our samples and are pleasantly surprised – especially when we share with them how healthy it is for them as well! Imagine being able to boost your health by doing what you love already and needing only to change the product in your cup. Imagine further that what’s in your cup tastes so wonderful that you want to lick the inside of the cup afterwards and look forward to having another cup soon – all the while benefitting from healthy superfoods like Muscadine, Ginger, Turmeric, MCT, and Coconut Cream.

Being healthy doesn’t need to be difficult! We are not against taking supplements, but supplements should be just that. They should supplement the nutrition we consume and absorb from the food and drinks we consume. Supplements don’t replace daily food and drink consumption – they supplement it. So, if your food and drink choices bring you added nutrition, then logically your need for supplements could decrease. CupaHealth hopes to increase your nutrition in every cup you drink.


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Make sure that your first Gourmet CupaHealth JavaBoost coffee only costs you $1.

No one should pass on this deal. Simply fill out the order on the shopping cart for just $1 and your Gourmet Coffee will be shipped to you immediately. All money received through this promotion will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to help rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Once you’ve tasted and experienced the amazing benefits of this coffee you will want more. It’s just the way it is. Great people like great products and great value! Besides, if you are not completely satisfied with your CupaHealth JavaBoost sample, just contact us and we’ll refund your $1! What do you have to lose?

Convenience is also a factor in a good healthy product. Sourcing pure organic coffee, coconut cream, MCT, muscadine, ginger and turmeric is not an easy task. For the average person trying to make healthy coffee at home it can be overwhelming. Maintaining all these ingredients at home and carefully measuring and preparing them daily takes a lot of time. At CupaHealth we also recognize that if we want people to follow our health advice we need to make it easy and convenient to follow. JavaBoost is prepared with all the difficult taken out of the process. Just add hot or iced water to the powder and stir! You won’t believe how easy it is – especially when you see how great it tastes! We are committed to making this a wonderful and positive experience and one you will look forward to and enjoy!

Cupahealth products contain the purest of ingredients. We source and test our ingredients individually and before mixing into our formulas. This is necessary to ensure an amazing beverage experience every time. We import our organic coffee only from trusted sources. We import our organic turmeric and ginger from a remote island in Fiji. We source our powerful muscadine from contracted vineyards we know and trust. Our organic coconut cream and MCT are the purest money can buy. You will taste the difference in the first and last cup of every pouch! It is in fact about the details.


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