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50 pounds down and feeling amazing!

I can see such amazing differences when I see myself on today’s shows versus those recorded prior to my journey.

Watching oneself on video or TV is not something I necessarily enjoy, but it’s a requirement when you have an audio podcast. If they say the camera adds pounds, it clearly added a LOT to me. What I saw on the screen was a man who was overweight and unhealthy.

I got another tap from God: “You’ve got to change your habits and get healthy if you’re going to be in the fight to save my Republic.”

I knew by the way I looked and felt that I was not healthy. Not only to engage in a TV podcast, but not healthy to engage in my own life. I thought, “You’re not going to live much longer unless you make changes.” So, I made changes. And was relentless in doing so.

I had a friendship with GiGi Belmonico who introduced me to MFINITY. She taught me about the health benefits of Turmeric, Ginger, Muscadine, the delicious Fuel shake and the importance of a low-carb diet and exercise.  

So I began a dedicated routine of a low-carb eating, exercise and no more alcohol. Exercise may be different for everyone. My routine involved 45 minutes a day on my exercise bike and light (5 lb) weights. 

The end of the story is that with some amazing products, a clean diet and exercise, I lost 50 pounds in 2 months*. And I’m still losing weight with just 15 more pounds to go to reach my goal. I feel amazing! 

I can see such amazing differences when I watch today’s shows versus the shows done prior to my new health commitment. I call it getting on “The Right Side of Health” and I’d like to help you to do the same.

We ALL need to be the healthiest versions of ourselves if we’re going to engage in the restoration of our Republic and, ultimately, become the best version of ourselves as God calls us to be.

I look forward to hearing from you and, God willing, inspiring you to get on The Right Side of Health!
God bless you. For the Republic!

Doug Billings
The Right Side