CupaHealth is based upon the philosophy of trying to take what is already a part of our life and is accepted socially and make it healthy.

Drinking any beverage is often considered a social affair. Think about this for a minute and you’ll see what we mean. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soda, beer, wine, smoothie, etc. we often associate getting a drink and spending time with friends and family. We gather to socialize and get a drink. So, what if we could add healthy ingredients to what is being consumed? What if people gathered to have a CupaHealth along with their socializing. If this were possible, you truly could “Drink your way to better health!” We seek out nutritional healthy foods and ingredients that can be infused into the drinks we all love and thereby shared with one another socially. Maybe it’s too high of an ideal, but we believe that after just one cup of JavaBoost coffee you will become a believer in this philosophy just like us! In fact, this philosophy is a high bar for product development because creating a healthy product that tastes good enough that you’ll serve it to friends is not an easy task. We are all familiar with health products that don’t taste good – anyone can produce those. What we aim to do really hasn’t been done yet and we believe we are just getting started.

We started with JavaBoost coffee, but we believe the sky is the limit. Think of all the beverages your family consumes. Why couldn’t we infuse healthy ingredients into each of them without taking away, but rather increasing the benefit and pleasure you receive from them. Obviously, taste must be high on the priority list and so we pride ourselves on spending whatever time and resources are necessary to ensure the beverages taste great! Otherwise, we know they won’t be served socially and we won’t reach our goals of helping everyone improve their healthy one cup at a time!

Here is a description of each our current products. This page will be updated as new products and formulations come available.

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JavaBoost Coffee

Healthy Coffee Javaboost (1)You really need to try it to understand what this product is. That’s why we offer your first cup of healthy gourmet coffee for just $1! We have learned through sampling over 10,000 cups of this coffee that when people try it, they want to take it home with them. So, that is still our main marketing method whether we ship it to you or hand you one at an event, the results are similar. Anyone who loves a great cup of coffee, loves JavaBoost coffee and becomes a regular customer “drinking their way to better health – one cup at a time!”

The health benefits of JavaBoost coffee are the ability to support the body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and chemistry and to help reduce cravings for hours. Our customers experience great “feel good” mental energy without jitters or upset stomach. The organic superfoods found in this product help to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. Each cup contains over 100 different antioxidants and phytonutrients.

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FUEL Meal Replacement Shake

Healthy Coffee Meal Replacement (1)Classic Vanilla – Honestly, most meal replacement shakes on the market are so artificially flavored and sweetened that they don’t even taste like food. Many of them suggest mixing with milk or cream instead of water to make them taste better. Most meal replacements are just a flavored mix of cheap protein powder that leaves you frantically hungry in less than two hours. FUEL is a blend of natural whole food ingredients that mix easily with only a shaker bottle and tastes great mixed with water. Our customers claim that they feel satiated for hours longer than with competing shakes. We source our natural ingredients from specific dairies and vendors to maintain an amazing product taste and experience.

You will be impressed when you look at the ingredient listing that it reads more like a food product than most supplement shakes. Also, even the vanilla flavor is great, if you choose, you can always add to it to change up the flavor. For example, you can add a scoop of the JavaBoost coffee and your shake will take on a rich coffee/mocha flavor. Add a few berries and it will taste like fruit and cream. Add low calorie flavoring of your choice and you will have a rich filling drink that takes on whatever flavor you add.

Fuel has been so popular, we have many recipes in our “Make it Keto” recipe book that use it to make bread rolls, pancakes, crepes, etc. Fuel can also be added to yogurt and turn it into a rich, keto friendly dessert. Our experience is that after trying our Fuel Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake, people want to take the product with them everywhere. We hope your experience is similar.

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Daily Detox

Healthy Coffee Daily Detox (1)is a smooth great tasting natural coconut water formulated to help hydrate the body and gently cleanse the digestive tract, liver, and kidneys. This is not a cleanse that requires changes to your daily routine. Just drink a couple of powdered scoops daily in water or other beverages. Cleanse gently every day so you won’t have to do a major cleanse later on. It contains legendary ingredients known to help the body eliminate toxins and pathogens: including chemicals, bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, etc. These ingredients support the intestines, kidneys and liver to more effectively cleanse the body’s fluids.

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Roots and Fruits

Roots And FruitsDiscover the magic of our exclusive fusion of Muscadine Grape Seeds and Skins, along with the vibrant essence of Organic Pink Fijian Ginger, Organic Fijian Turmeric, and the nourishing power of Fulvic Plant Minerals. Meticulously curated to champion your holistic health, this extraordinary blend is teeming with antioxidants scientifically recognized to elevate your well-being. Step into a revitalized self with our top-tier super botanical concoction, and embark on a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant you!

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Ginger Capsules

Ginger CapsulesExperience the full advantages of our Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder in a convenient, everyday health supplement. Ginger has long been celebrated for its ability to alleviate occasional motion sickness. Moreover, it is recognized for its support in fostering a balanced inflammation response and fortifying the immune system’s health.

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Bulkan Turmeric

Bulkan TurmericDiscover the vibrant essence of our Organic Fijian Turmeric, a golden treasure renowned for its abundance of curcumin, the powerhouse behind its healing properties. Embracing USDA certification for its organic nature and bearing the esteemed kosher certification, this turmeric is a product of a meticulous process. Cultivated by hand, it thrives in the company of our prized pink Fijian ginger, both nurtured in fertile volcanic soil, devoid of any mechanical interference. This method ensures the purity and integrity of our crops, delivering a product that stands as a testament to nature’s unadulterated perfection.

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