Who shoots these video testimonials?

One of the CupaHealth team members films the video testimonials.  Most are shot on sight at a conference or event where hundreds of people are given opportunity to try the Java Boost Coffee for the first time.  We love the raw nature of asking people their thoughts right as they drink the coffee.  Often people are curious and drawn to the coffee because of our sign offering a “Free Cup of Healthy Coffee!”  Their most common question is, “What makes Java Boost Coffee Healthy?”  We love sharing how the organic coffee is infused with organic ginger, turmeric, muscadine, and coconut cream.  They raise their eyebrow skeptically and ask about the taste.  We love the resounding positive feedback we get when people try it.  They commonly tell us that they are surprised how great the Java Boost Coffee tastes, especially when they consider themselves to be rather picky when it comes to coffee.  We don’t script our testimonials, what they say is what you get.  We find that these testimonials have a very high trust factor because of their genuine unscripted responses.


Who do you like to gather video testimonials from?

Our favorite testimonials come from our coffee snobs.  We love it when someone tells us that they have specific taste preferences when it comes to coffee and are hesitant to try Java Boost Coffee.  They are nervous about the many healthy ingredients changing the taste of their coffee.  The surprise on their faces when they try their first cup of Java Boost Coffee is priceless and we often ask if we could quickly film their impressions.  Basically, anyone who loves good coffee is a great candidate for our video testimonials.


Who watches these video testimonials? 

Our common viewers are coffee lovers.  They want to know if the Java Boost Coffee truly lives up to the claims we are making.  In addition to tasting amazing, people are looking to hear how the coffee has improved health.  So, some of our video testimonials are of first time drinkers and others are from people who have tried our Java Boost Coffee and other products over time.  It is amazing how more confident we feel about trying a new product when we hear from others like us how the product helped them.  People love coffee – they watch these videos to see if Java Boost Coffee will love them back.


What are you hoping to accomplish by gathering video testimonials?

We hope that our future customers will gain increased confidence toward Java Boost Coffee and our other products by hearing from our satisfied customers.  By watching our video testimonials, you will gain trust that CupAHealth provides the highest quality ingredients available in the market.  Our product development team goes to great effort to source the purest of ingredients and provide a wonderful product experience.


What happens if a customer does not want to give a video testimonial?

Of course, we do not want to impose on any of our customers.  In fact, most of our video testimonials are from people offering to share their experience with the Java Boost Coffee.  We are not pushy about it, but we do like to ask every satisfied customer if they will record a quick message for future customers to view. There is really no problem at all if they refuse. We understand that a certain amount of people will be uncomfortable with being on camera at times. One thing that we never know is which customers are camera shy so we just ask them all if they would be willing to do a quick testimonial for us.


When during your process do you gather a video testimonial from your clients? 

We like to capture our customers at their most satisfied, which is often immediately after drinking our Java Boost Coffee. Usually, we record the videos at a conference or event where we are sampling hundreds of cups daily.  Sampling the coffee is by far our best advertising.  Once people experience how great the Java Boost Coffee tastes and learn how it is both healthy and easy to make, asking them to record a quick video is easy.  You will see that in many of the testimonials people are holding a cup in their hand while we video.  This is real raw and unedited footage.  We want you to get the actual story right from our customers.


When is a customer a good fit for a testimonial video?

Any customer who is excited about the taste and healthiness and is willing to spend a few moments on camera is fit for a testimonial. There is not much more to it than that for us! If you love coffee and are willing to try a cup of gourmet, healthy, Java Boost coffee, then you are eligible.  If you would like to be included on our testimonial page, please record a quick 1 minute video telling us where you are from and what you like most about Java Boost coffee and give us a score from 1-10.  If you would be willing to recommend our products to others, say that as well.  We love our happy customers!


When do you use these video testimonials? 

We use these video testimonials when marketing to new customers.  If someone has questions about the taste or the healthiness of our products and we don’t have a sample to give them at that moment – we refer them to our video testimonial page.  On this page they can hear from people just like them about the Java Boost Coffee and our other products.  Our customers don’t have to take our word for it alone.  We sample over 10,000 cups annually and our video testimonials are just a sampling of the response from these folks as well as some from our long-term repeat customers.


Where do you use these video testimonials? 

We post them online, we put links to them on our print materials for marketing purposes, and we will sometimes share them on our company social media sites. We also make sure to post these to our google business listing page for those customers who do not always make it over to our website to investigate further. By making sure that these videos are easily accessible we can ensure that all of potential customers can hear from our happy customers before they buy.


Where do you typically shoot these video testimonials?

We like to shoot the video testimonials at conferences and events where we are sampling Java Boost Coffee to hundreds of people.  People love our products the first time they try them and continue to love them daily for years.  We love the feedback and people are always amazed how a healthy coffee can taste so amazing.


How long does it take to do one of these video testimonials?

Recording testimonials takes usually only 1-2 minutes.  All we ask is that you mention your first name and where you are from, what you think of the products, and on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend the product to others?  Our experience is that people would rather review multiple short testimonials rather than one long one.  It doesn’t take long for viewers to relate to a person, hear their thoughts and decide if they are believable or not.  That’s really all we need is for people to briefly share their authentic experience with CupAHealth.